Divorce Feud Lasts 17 Years

A 17-year legal fight between two law professors over their divorce and prolonged disputes has drawn attention from judges, indicating that the couple has set a bad example and have abused the system.

The divorce case, having over 1,400 entries added to it, has lasted seven years longer than the couple’s 10-year marriage. Many of the entries have been back-and-forth disputes over the custody of the couple’s two children, now ages 17 and 20. In addition, issues among money is still being discussed.

Judges hearing the case have complained that professors have abused the system, broken rules, and are frightened that either of the parties are teaching current law students the ethical boundaries of the profession.

Christo Lassiter, University of Cincinnati law professor, questions how judges managed the cases between him and his now ex-wife. He claims he had no intent of spite or revenge against in former wife and his only motivation has been being a good parent.

Judges in the court feel that both parties should be admonished by the Ohio State Bar Association and feel that, being law professors, the parties ought to know better and understand that engaging in inappropriate behavior was ultimately detrimental to the resolution of their case and ultimately the welfare of their children.

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